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by Luc Majno on Monday, August 30, 2010 at 3:54pm
This is 'our' way...  by our 'laws'...

On October 18th, 1929, a landmark decision changed the face of Canadian politics. Women were declared "persons" under the law and were granted the right to be appointed to the Senate. Their victory was the result of an arduous struggle by five Alberta women.

Alberta's Famous Five - Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, Emily Murphy, and Irene Parlby - helped guarantee that women are represented in all levels of Canadian politics.
By 1929, Alberta's women had secured many of the liberties commonly withheld because of gender, but surprisingly, women could not be appointed to the Senate because The British North America (BNA) Act declared, “women are persons in matters of pain and penalties, but are not persons in matters of rights and privileges.”

Emily Murphy selected four prominent supporters of social reform: Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney, and Irene Parlby to initiate an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada to make changes to The BNA Act. The Famous Five asked the question “does the word ‘person' in Section 24 of The British North America Act include female persons?”
The disappointing decision from the Supreme Court stated that individuals must be “fit and qualified” to be appointed to a public office and therefore only men were eligible. Relentless in their quest for reform, the Famous Five approached the Privy Council of England - at that time Canada's highest court of appeal. On October 18, 1929, the Lord Chancellor of the Privy Council declared, “women are eligible to be summoned and may become Members of the Senate of Canada.”

Okay...  Now, this is the First People's Way...

The Legends are as old and as numerous as the Tribes...
The Women were the Life-Givers, therefore the closest to Mother Earth.
The Women were superior to the Men, both in intellect and in intuition.
No decisions in any Tribe was made without the consent and absolute approval of the Women, by the Women.
The Women owned the lodges.
Everything was in perfect order.
Men knew their place in this World of Women, a Matriarchal Society, one with Honor.
Iroquois Women, for example, were pronounced Iroquois upon their birth.
Iroquois Men wold have to  wait until the age of 15 to even be asked if they understand the Great Law.
Women were 'persons' long before Men were ever able to be...
In fact, is it not 'thanks to them' that we even exist??

No, in fact, you see, all of this has to go...
There is no money to be made in a 'Woman's World'...
We must make 'the whole world England'...

Little do they know
that by killing the Woman in us all,
They are killing the very fabric of all Culture...

...  Or are they doing THAT on purpose, too??

just look at the fifty dollar bill... What a disgrace... and the are showing their own ignorance by flaunting this so-called 'great deed'??

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