Friday, August 20, 2010


-         You can’t write about your feelings,
Cause no one will publish them.

-         You can’t protest peacefully
Cause you’ll get arrested.

-         You cannot ‘directly’ speak to those entities involved,
(who are in the full swing of denial)
the politicians, the churches, RCMP, all levels of government,
cause they will either throw you out or have you locked up.

-         You can’t talk to your friends about it,
Cause you’ll lose them all.
So what kind of friends were they, anyway?

-         You can’t talk to your family,
Cause they don’t understand your motivation and your Spirit.
They usually are the first ones to judge you
or go against what you feel is ‘right’ for you.

-         Suicide is out of the question, it’s a no-brainer
       and frankly speaking, in a week’s time or less,
       no one will even remember you, or your unique Blessing
       that you tried to share with this world,
       ...  unsuccessfully.

So, basically, after 500-or-so years, they have it all pretty well down-packed, wouldn’t you say? 
All the screws in Life are so tight, you can’t move freely, even if you wanted to. 
They have us so well dressed and potty-trained, that we will jump as soon as the goons, our ‘good governments’, tell us to.

But cheer up, people!  There is hope! 
All you have to do is throw it all away!  Really!  It’s that simple!
Just do what the rest of us do!

Just forget about your integrity you are working so hard on,
Forget about everything that is important to you as a Human Being,
Your Love of this Earth, the only one we have, your Passion for your own personal Development… 

Just throw it all in the garbage!

Just play the game, silly!  Stop belly aching, stop fighting and making everyone flee from you! 

Hey, whoever has the most toys at the end wins, right?
Who the fuck cares, anyway?  We’re too far gone to make a difference, anyways!  (burp)

Here!  Have a beer!  No…  have TWO!!  I just brought you another one.
This should last me the night!  (burp)


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