Monday, August 30, 2010

Ivanova on the Greek crisis: the true face of neoliberalism:

By Petya Palikrousheva-
      Thanks to Her Majesty Mavrakis, Globalization is mild, where we learn to eat, drink, wear, listen to music and mostly think alike. From Bulgaria to Australia are the same operating system computers, same beers, same black soft drink, the same sandwiches, fuel, etc. etc. Otherwise, we are a society of "free" market -- free for only for the strongest. The rest are destined to serve the master -- consuming and selling their labor for a song.

      The media, of course, obedient assistants to the powerful, are shaping globalization for the same thinking through "information" that we made. The same explanation of events is lowered in the same way through mass replication. How they easily accomplish this! -- by digested food made by riding a convenient media through which to copy one another, people everywhere consuming this brainwashing, this "Greek crisis" and the way the masses are persuaded by this propaganda, are an example.
      The first cause of the Greek deficit rise, according to widespread opinion, is "easy life of the Greeks" or "too many rights" or "the big salaries of civil servants. In the same way is an incredible view of the masses, both in Germany and Bulgaria, to a large extent even in Greece. In Greece, the ordinary people were persuaded by officials in the government sector. In other European countries, the people were prodded to work up against the "lazy Greeks. Great talent is the big TV stars - journalists pouring into the brains of unsuspecting viewers that which is pleasing to the system.

      A system is not something abstract, it is managed by a financially strong, which is motivated first by profit, of course. A government system is pleased by those who serve her when ordinary workers, regardless of nationality and country, oppose one another.

      So I cannot blame the people who easily accept propaganda. The vast majority of people worldwide are working from morning till night for subsistance, going home physically and mentally exhausted, how to pay their bills, not "competent" to consider or suggest any changes.

      Very interesting when famous economic indicators suggested growth, including in Greece. Before ten years ago, proponents of neoliberalism and its friction hands still sounded trumpets left and right and how capitalism in its neoliberal policies is the peak of human achievement and any other system is doomed to failure. Now, however, during the global crisis, they blame others, not the system of Neoliberalism, particularly in Greece.

        Blame is not a pattern of outrageous wealth of some over others, and the outrageous profits that are distributed at the top, are not laws with options for speculation and scam that feeds the system itself. Working people who might have made a mistake get their deserved partial benefit after more struggles and sacrifices. And let us keep in mind, however, wages in Greece are the lowest in Europe than in old member states. With the celebrations of the 13th, Christmas, 14th, and Easter, with wages being distributed over the remaining year, the total annual income is lower than that of other Western Europeans. But, of course, for this "minor" event does not make sense to the informed, the most important thing is to come forth and confront "those responsible" with a maximum shift of focus.

      And talk about blame, ask yourself the following question:
If for a moment, assume that the measures taken by the IMF and the EU have been imposed on the Greek people as a punishment for their "easy life", or because of false indicators that Greek governments have given in the past -- where are the supporters of both parties run by 1974 ? -- right now why should the Spanish government remove the lump aid to be received at the birth of a child?, why do I need, at this time, to reduce family allowances and means for education in Germany?, why do I need to freeze the salaries of civil servants in Italy and Portugal?, is this a consequence of "an affluent life of the Greeks there?.

      Well, of course!, objectives of fifty years of social benefits in Europe. Why deduct them right now to remove them? These social benefits were Europe-wide in 1960, 1970 or 1980, why right now impose such measures? Why make fun of us?

      And why should we succumb to their propaganda? -- we, the masses, people who we work honestly, without stealing from anyone, why we are we hostile and adjusted against one another?. Did we have a divergence of interests?. These above, are constantly being questioned in the volatility of the market and are reasonable when it comes to retaining the richness and luxury to make any deals. When people have nothing to lose except their TV, they envy one another, are lazy to think more deeply, or fear losing any crumbs?.

      Even something that nobody mentioned: what happened over the past two years, government debt in most European countries: including in the USA - has jumped ten or twenty percent? Elsewhere in the euro area there have not been any additional social benefits for the past two years. Nowhere have  pensions or wages of civil servants increased significantly. Where has the money gone to justify an increase in public debt to such an extent more than the need of scissors, salaries, and pensions?.

      The answer is simple according Delastik - a journalist from the newspaper Ethnos: Money went to the crooks in the financial system [banking mainly], which after being rescued by solid state funds now threaten ... Member of bankruptcy" tanned "peoples of Europe. Thanks to them to cut wages and pensions! "
      In particular, for Greece should be included, in the enormous resources given for armaments. In the data for the period 2004-2008, the country ranks first in Europe and fifth in world for imports of conventional weapons as cited in last year's report of the SIPRI 'Stockholm International Peace Research Institute'. Let me mention here that a large part of military equipment was bought from Germany and France.

      What do you think?. Would they allow those who earn billions [because of stupid nationalism]  from finite elements in Greece and Turkey, who might still be armed, come to Greece and allow Greece to go bankrupt and cease to increase their profits?. Relaxed "help" is nothing but a high interest loan which landed on the shoulders of the Greek people for decades -- with simple words, to increase the profits of these same, which actually take funds for the loan again from the masses of the peoples of Europe!. Here, this is the real face of neoliberalism.

      What also should be added is that since Greece was born as a young nation in the first half of 19th century, it was chained by its great "friends", England, that arrived in the country with loans with high interest rates of no more than 50%. Enacted since then to this day are loan schemes for payment of old debts. It is estimated that for the last decade, 97% of the loans it has received the country went to repay old debts! Goes an old true story that only part of the so-called national wealth that belongs to the people is government debt!
      And, of course, speculation, embezzlement, and bribery of sharks in Greece itself, in combination with external masters allows that same food system to exist. For example, the Olympic Games in Athens: When the party left SINaspismos [basic component of the coalition SIRIZA] today, argued that the organization of the Olympic Games in Athens is folly, given the financial resources of Greece, most of the people, well treated by the media, blame her for the national treason. Today we know that the main purpose for holding the Olympic Games in Athens has been misappropriation of huge funds by the same thieves who are always behind the ruling politicians everywhere. Many scandals, which I could not stop -- scandals in which not a few times and involving "friends" in Europe who talk about "punishment of the Greeks". SIEMENS, HDW, FERROSTAL, ???, faulty submarines Vatopedi monastery, etc etc, scandals shows that greedy people who earn billions by forcing people to pay, have lost them again. This is the real face of liberalism!

      And as regards the salaries of civil servants -- the new "enemies of the nation" will only mention that according to calculations , only 3.3% of the civil servants recruited from 2004 to 2009, were being pressured by the Treasury to increase public debt by paying a percentage of the amount of their earnings. [hypothesis of the highest] according to MEGA TV.

  For the remaining 96.7% who is to blame?. "Would you blame their children if the family budget goes red with € 1,000 a month just because they eat ice cream every day?" asks the author of the article.

      And I wonder, how long will we tolerate the lie? How long will we silently accept fatalistically globalized rust, constant repression and exploitation?.

      Is not it time to finally organize a general European syndicalism, who with coordinated actions, show how much you actually force people to hide?.

      Strong borders no longer exist, when we will remove them?.
"They took our clothes and now accuse us that we are naked" - this can not be settled in Greece, as a large proportion of them are determined to fight all the way against voting for the implementation of the measures imposed by IMF and EU political puppets -- deputies of PASOK and the extreme right LAOS. And voting for entirely unconstitutional amendments to make it easier for the finance minister to sign contracts and other documents binding the country to foreign dignitaries, without the approval of Parliament! whereby the Minister of Finance becomes Supreme Head of State who will have to dictate to their masters.

      Has someone mentioned anything about democracy? How wonderful "free" society of neoliberalism!

      The answer to all these actions of the system is only one -- consciously active opposition. Today in Greece a general strike takes place involving all three trade union federations: [GSEE, private sector, ADEDY, public sector's Memory, Union of the Greek Communist Party]. Rallies  expected to flood Greece are the most popular of recent decades. And before you swallow serial deceptions, in which we are engulfed, let us be indignant and not blind ourselves to them!


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